Friday, 12 February 2016


My fun Holiday!

My holidays were marvellous . First of all in the holidays, it was fun going to the airport to pick up my friend  who just arrived from Australia . I went with my mother and her friend Mehi which is Lenli Mum. I really hoped my friend  is happy to be back in New Zealand, but I know for sure that she was missing  Australia so much.

I was so happy to see my Friend Lenli again but It gave me frightful shocked that she could not quite remember who I was.
“ My  name is Voni ” I told her and she immediately spread her arms out wide and hugged me tight, she  told me that she remembered  who I was. My tears were running down my face and I couldn’t stop crying, I was crying because I was so happy to see Lenli . Mehi was filled with gladness and happiness to see her own daughter again.

Later on My mother was driving me, Mehi and Leni back to my house.We had a great welcome party for Lenli and I really had the most wonderful holiday I ever had.

That's it and I hope you really like my Holiday Writing!


  1. Hi Voni this your cousin ChrisI like your writing I Remember that you told to look in your blog. While done Voni your mother will be proud of you.

  2. Thanks for the great comment Chris G.
    I am looking forward to see your blog and what learning you have done these weeks?