Tuesday, 31 May 2016


Exploring Tamaki College Science RoadShow!

Today room 7 and room 5 had a trip to Tamaki College Roadshow. I was going with Lusia’s grandmother who was free to take Henrietta, Lusia, Olga and myself to the Roadshow At Tamaki.

Inside the hall St Pius senior school and St Heilers school settle down. We were introduced by a man named Shane. He showed us different experiments that were so stunning and amazing! Each experiment was my favourite because they were all so cool.

After that we were told to go and explore each station which was my favourite part of the trip. We got to look at or work out each station. My favourite station was the one that you had try and read the colours so quickly. When I try to read the colours on the board quickly it turned out that my words came out slowly and I felt confused because reading colours so fast is to hard for me. I enjoyed the trip to Tamaki College and I had so much fun!

I want to see more amazing experiments! Hopefully next time I will like to go back and explore more about Roadshow!


  1. Wow Von,
    This piece of writing that I have read about your trip to the road show at Tamaki College with your school exploring different interesting things. I really like the way how you have used some of the W words which had made its interesting.
    Keep up the Great work Von!

  2. Amazing Von
    I enjoyed reading your story because it was some good work of yours. I liked the way you explained what you enjoyed about that trip and what you did when you were there. Keep up the great work.