Friday, 5 August 2016

My Amazing Narrative Story

Characters - Girl troll (Nancy) , Boy Troll ( Paulie )
Setting - In the dark woods
Problem -  Nancy loves to sing and make music but Paulie hates her singing and music that he can’t even have peace, quiet or sleep.
Title:   The 2 Despicable Trolls

“ Hey are you asleep yet “ I whispered  while I  was staring at the stars floating in the sky.  I felt lonely so I started singing , “ it's a wonderful night and the stars are shining bright...
“Seriously ,” yelled Paulie.
I ignored him and carried on singing. “ I’m warning you Nancy “.  Paulie was frustrated he couldn't help it so he sat up and yelled at Nancy “ do you have ears or not didn't I tell you to zip your mouth “.

I sing and strummed my ukulele as I walked slowly to the darkness. Suddenly a magical thing happened, other creatures started to sing along with me. I couldn't help it I felt excited.

Paulie could not believe his eyes “ what in the world is happening here “ he whispered to himself.

I came closer to Paulie while the creatures faded behind the darkness.
“ Hey I have a song for you can I borrow your ukulele” he said unusually .
“Sure“ I said politely ,handing him my ukulele. Paulie quickly threw my ukulele to the  fire

“ isn’t that better” he  suggested.  

I dropped to my knees  “No” I cried tears filling my eyes.” Oh my sweet Ukulele “ whimpered Nancy .  

“Look Nancy no one cares if your Uckele's gone especially  me so stop crying and "GO TO SLEEP”.  Before I could go to sleep I turn my attention to the fire seeing that it was next to where Paulie was sleeping. I blew the fire and it slowly died down . Right away Paulie shivered

“ Are you crazy why did you did that for?”. I couldn't bother to reply because I was already asleep.   THE END

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