Thursday, 17 March 2016

Description Writing ( Soul Friend )

My Soul Friend Angel

“Well” My soul friend’s name is Angel. She is a an amazing year 1 student from room 4, she is so grateful, loving and such a humble child.  I like how she shares her own thinking with me, I know that there is a great relationship between me and my soul friend, may I hope that I will be a good and caring person to my soul friend Angel.

Everyone has a great connection with their Soul  friend even though if they they don’t same habit or conduct they are still alike. Angel is my soul friend, I am responsible for her and we look after one another and care for each other is what true soul friends do. Most soul Friends share their joy and worries to one another. When my soul friend is hurting or crying it is my job to help  and make her feel much better.

Today is St Patrick's day It is also a time to celebrate our soul friends too. I remembered how father said in a high voice saying “ St Patrick wanted to be Jesus soul friend “ father had said. This idea of soul friend came from the Ireland country which the faith sisters had given the idea of soul friend to St Pius X School.

Through this year "Lord may I be a great and honerable model to my soul friend".

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