Wednesday, 6 July 2016


Once upon a time, a very long time ago, there lived the most greediest witch in the village … His name was Mr Selfish. The name selfish came from his greedy and nasty behaviour .

When the birth of Mr Selfish came years ago, his parents knew straight away that their child Selfish was going to be a naughty little thing and that life was not going to be unsettled with Selfish and his parents .

As Selfish  grew  up he had no friends and he accepted that he had no friends. Surely because he bullied a lot, show disrespect and will always be greedy to others.

One time when Selfish was playing on the mud at morning break he splashed some dirty mud at  his classmates uniform and ran away before they could go to the teacher and snitch on him. Selfish hated each and every teacher in the school because they mostly  gave him the worst punishment they could think of.

But that was a long time ago, Mr selfish have his own shelter and lives at Valley bridge.  Valley  Bridge is the name of the place he is living at. At Valley Bridge, Mr Selfish next door neighbour is are very rich and tidy family but Mr Selfish is the opposite from his next door neighbour.

Reasons, well first of all it’s because he is lonely and poor,  second of all he is untidy and messy.  Last of all he lives in a small cottage  and it is not as big as his next door neighbours castle.

While he was on his way to the bakery shop he saw the most ugliest cat in his life.  He paused as if he was going to stumble to his feet but instead he waited quietly to see what would the ugly cat do next. The cat stared hard at Mr selfish. Mr selfish was thinking of so many things an ugly cat could do to a human being. W-w-what if he pulls out my eyeball with it’s sharpest claws or…. what if he bite my fingers with it’s smelly breath vampire teeth.      

To be continued……. With  SELFISH: PART 2

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