Friday, 13 January 2017

Weekly Activities/ Day 20 / Bonus Activity / Week 4

Bonus Activity
School is about to start again for a new year. Yay! Imagine that you walked into your classroom and your teacher asked you to stand up in front of the class and talk about the country that you visited. On your blog, you can:
  1. Post a short video clip of yourself talking about the country that you visited and the things that you learned (1 – 2 minutes)
  2. Type out what you would say to the class if you had 1 – 2 minutes to speak.
I would share to the class a 1-2 min speak: That I had a wonderful time at Germany, I’ve  learnt amazing facts about their country. I also enjoyed seeing the outstanding sights such as the beautiful Brandenburg Gate and to be honest  I absolutely don't mind travelling back to Germany!

Weekly Activities/ Day 20/ Activity 2/ Week 4

Activity 2
After four full weeks of planning and travelling, you are now safely back in New Zealand. You have now had some time to relax and to reflect on your experiences. What are two things that you have learned from your travels? On your blog, tell us about any two things that you have learned.
  • One thing that I have learnt from travelling is that you need to know which airline you're going on. Pay good attention because you might missed your plane or would unluckily be in the wrong airplane.  

  • One other thing that I’ve learnt from travelling is to always stick to (whoever is travelling with you) or else both of you might as well just get completely lost and would unfortunately  end up in different countries.

Weekly Activities/ Day 20 / Activity 1 / Week 4

Activity 1
Imagine that you have just arrived at the airport in Auckland. Your whole family is there to greet you. They can’t wait to hear all about your trip! You decide that you’ll go home and have a special meal together to celebrate your return. Your mum offers to make you anything that you would like to eat. On your blog, tell us what you would choose to have for your special meal.
If it was me, I would ask for homemade hamburgers with ketchup, American-style mustard, onions, tomato and lettuce; Cajun-style wedges with tomato sauce and Greek salad with cherry tomatoes and lots of feta cheese. For dessert I would ask for vanilla cake with chocolate icing and Neapolitan ice cream. What would you ask for?

The meal that I want to have on my return would be Pasta with mashed potato. "It's my favourite dish!"

For dessert I would like to have banana cake with passion fruit ice cream.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Weekly Activities/ Day 19/ Bonus Activity/ Week 4

Bonus Activity

The Canadian government has decided to build the longest walking trail in the world. It is called the Great Trail’ and it covers 15 000 miles. Wow! For this activity, we are drawing inspiration from this walking trail and thinking about our own footprints.
Your task is to use DrawIsland tool to create your own digital footprint. The footprint must include your name and the name of the country that you are visiting. Otherwise, you can decorate it in any way that you want. It’s totally up to you! Once you have drawn your footprint, save it, and then upload it to your blog.

Here is my Foot print: liked it :)

Weekly Activities/ Day 19/ Activity 2/ Week 4

Activity 2
These days there are, literally, dozens of different kinds of vehicles that we can use. Some of them are quite familiar (eg. car, truck, bus) but some are very unique and different. Watch this Youtube clip of the most Amazing vehicles ever made.
When you have finished tell us which of the vehicles you liked the most. On your blog tell us the name of the vehicle and the reasons why you liked it so much. There are a number of pretty interesting options!

The name of this amazing vehicle that I like is called = Half bike ( feel free to search it up ….if you want) Anyways I liked this Vehicle because it looks super fun to ride on it and besides it doesn’t look that dangerous to ride on it! When I first saw the Half bike .. I nearly fell in love with the Half bike.. hahah...I wonder if the inventors sell it in Nz . If they do so I would definitely buy that Half bike … I wouldn’t mind riding it to school, just like a normal bike but partially a different kind.

Weekly Activities/ Day 19/ Activity 1/ Week 4

Activity 1
Let’s imagine that the neighbouring town was about 30 kilometres away. There are a number of beautiful villages and interesting things to see along the way. You have four options for this trip. You can take a:
  1. Train – 25 minute ride; No stops along the way; $12 for the trip (return)
  2. Bus – 45 minute ride; Two stops along the way to look at interesting villages; $8 for the trip (return)
  3. Scooter – 1 hour ride; Unlimited number of stops; $5 for the trip (return)
  4. Bicycle – 2 hour ride; Unlimited number of stops but there are some hills along the way; $1 (return)
On your blog, tell us which of these four options you would choose and why!

I would choose the Train – 25 minute ride; No stops along the way; $12 for the trip (return) because I don’t like slow Vehicles such as (option 4 = The Bicycle). I like fast Vehicles because they can take you to places quickly. Well that’s surely because there is no stopping when the train is running on the railway which is really unlike the traffic...where cars have to stop before their signal tells them when they go etc. when the light turns green it's time for the cars to drive past, while the other cars wait ( when the other cars wait it means that their signal is red which means stop).

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Weekly Activities/ Day 18/ Bonus Activity/ Week 4

Bonus Activity
The New Zealand government is trying to save the kakapo. They are looking for creative ideas. What do you think they could do? On your blog, tell us what you think should be done to save the kakapo. Please be as creative as you can!
They should get all the 55 Kakapo birds and put them in a safe place in the Zoo.. so the  people who are in the Zoo can look after and feed them.. but don't put all the 55 Kakapo birds in just 1 place.. but put them in separate places so each birds has their own space for themselves....I tell you, you sure don't want those birds to get handy.. they might steal each other yeah..
( I know this might not be a creative idea but It’s all I got in mind )

Weekly Activities/ Day 18 / Activity 2/ Week 4

Activity 2
When you are at the zoo, you have the chance to learn about some animals that are specifically found in your country. They are called ‘indigenous’ animals. This means that they are originally from your country. Use Google to identify two indigenous animals from your country. On your blog, post a picture of the animals and tell us a bit about them. What are they called? Where do they live? What do they eat?
  1. Wild Boars:
This animal is called a: Wild Boar. A Wild Boar is  like a wild Pig. A Wild Boar is  a medium sized animal. Wild Boars have long rubbery snouts which they commonly use for digging up the underground roots. Wild Boars eats different types of foods such as: nuts ,roots ,small birds ,eggs , grass fruits and mushrooms. Most of the Wild Boars are often found in the forests of Europe.

     2. Badgers:
This animal are often called the Badgers. Badgers has an open space to live in the countryside of Germany in the forests. Badgers eat omnivore(a new word I come across) which means that Badgers eat food such as insects roots, fruits and plants.Badgers usually hunts food at night and sleeps at dawn inside its  burrow  (which is a tunnel where they nap).
Want to know more about this specific Badger?
  • Well, did you know that Badgers can survive without any food for 3 months. “Unbelievable right!”
  • Lastly did you know.. That Badgers dig faster than a person with a shovel. “ Amazing!”
Want to know more just click below if you interested...
(Badgers) click here = Facts about Badgers

Weekly Activities/ Day 18/ Activity 1/ Week 4

Activity 1
Imagine that you have just entered the zoo. On your blog, tell us what you think you might see on your visit. You can start with this sentence:
I had just entered the zoo when, all of a sudden, I saw…
Aim for a blog post of 8 - 10 sentences in length. You can do it!

I had just entered the zoo when, all of a sudden, I saw… a filthy  black Gorilla staring straight at me. I shivered. I dislike Gorilla's, they would always go crazy if you go near them. I bravely walked past the gorilla when all of a sudden it erupts with a tremendous scream “ u u u u” the gorilla shouted loudly. As I turn quickly turn to say shut up to the gorilla I realized that People were staring at me as if I was an Alien. My checks burn with embarrassment. I thought sooner or now they would look away but they just keep staring. Finally the gorilla stopped screaming. When I finally left the Zoo to go back home. I told my mum that I had the most Unusual day at the Zoo.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Weekly Activities/ Day 17/ Bonus Activity/ Week 4

Bonus Activity
Take a picture of yourself standing beside a popular place in your community. It can be anywhere that’s pretty popular in your area (e.g. a store, a restaurant, a marae, etc). On your blog please tell us about the landmark. What is the name of it? Where is it? Who goes to it?
In Mount wellington (where I live) there’s a large business park and shopping centre called  Sylvia Park.  In Sylvia Park there are so many shops and stores you can visit, Lucky me I live close to Sylvia Park that I can just walk there anytime. What I like about Sylvia Park is that they also have a movie theatre there.. Me and my friend Lusia likes to go there because we don’t have to wait in line..because pretty much there are not that many people there.
( I don’t have a picture of me in the movie theater or in one of Sylvia parks shops or stores but Here is a photo of the Movie theater)

Weekly Activities/ Day 17/ Activity 2/ Week 4

Activity 2
Let’s imagine that you have been asked to host a visitor from another country. They are going to come and stay with you for three days. During that time, you are expected to take them on a tour of New Zealand and show them some our most famous icons. Where would you take them? If it was me, I might take them to Mt Cook in the south island, to the Sky Tower in Auckland and to Chums Beach in the Coromandel. What about you? On your blog, tell us which three famous places in New Zealand you would go with your visitor.

I would definitely take them to the Sky tower which is in the city, also I would take them to Gore, a town in the south Island of Nz and last but not least I would take them to Ohakune which is  small town in the Northern Island of New Zealand.

Weekly Activities/ Day 17/ Activity 1/ Week 4

Activity 1
On your blog tell us which of the icons you would most like to visit in your chosen country. Be sure to tell us why you have chosen it!
I would like visit the Brandenburg gate because It looks very interesting and I would love to learn more about the Brandenburg gate.  When I saw the picture of the Brandenburg Gate, questions started to pop in my head… is there a story behind this Brandenburg Gate? or whose idea was it to built this magnificent gate?

Monday, 9 January 2017

Weekly Activities/ Day 16/ Bonus Activity / Week 4

Bonus Activity
In New Zealand our national holiday is on 6 February. It is called Waitangi Day. What do you do to celebrate Waitangi Day? Do you go somewhere special? On your blog tell us what you do on that day.

On Waitangi Day me and my family, we don’t celebrate it or go out somewhere special but instead we stay home and watch T.V. But I wish I could celebrate Waitangi day ... my family does not know or cares about Waitangi day.. but I do... Anyways In Waitangi Day I would most likely to visit a Marae to remember what happen back in those days, things that happened on the day when it was the treaty of Waitangi.

Weekly Activities/ Day 16/ Activity 2/ Week 4

Activity 2
Create a brand new public holiday for the country.  Use your creativity to come up with a name for the holiday and a short description of how people in the country celebrate the holiday. Do they all get the day off? Do they eat special foods or go to special events to mark the day?

I would call my Public Holiday “Restaurant Holiday”. I chose this name because it would be  great to celebrate and eat free food from  every restaurants…and yes everyone should get a day off so they can go out with their family and eat at their favourite restaurant!

Weekly Activities/ Day 16/ Activity 1/ Week 4

Day 16 – National Celebrations
Activity 1
Imagine that you are visiting on the national holiday of your chosen country. On your blog tell us what you would eat, see and do on that day.
I would eat salad and sausages.  I would most likely to visit the museum Island with my  friends or take loads of pictures because when I’m busy packing my stuff and getting ready to travel back to NZ I wouldn’t have much time to take  photo’s.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Weekly Activities/ Day 15/ Bonus Activity/ Week 3

Screenshot 2016-12-14 at 3.25.49 PM.png
Bonus Activity
In New Zealand we have many museum and galleries. One of the largest is called the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa or ‘Te Papa’ for short. Inside Te Papa there is a huge exhibition called ‘Gallipoli - The Scale of our War.’ It has information about a special battle, the Battle of Gallipoli, that took place during World War I. Many New Zealanders took part and many lost their lives.
The battle started on 25 April 1915. We commemorate this battle every year by celebrating Anzac Day on 25 April. Visit the Gallipoli website. It will give you lots of information about this famous battle. On your blog, tell us three things that you learned about the battle.

  • I learnt that during the war soldiers eat what they have (which are hard biscuits and corned beef)  they take risk for eating food that may taste disgusting but for their sake of surviving. Unluckily they would have to eat the same food every day.

  • I also learnt that war and battling was a terrible thing. Many people died because of wars. I really feel sorry for those who had lost their husbands, uncle’s ,brothers and cousins who have died in the war back in those days.

  •  Lastly I’ve Learnt that Anzac day Is the day when we remember those who have died in the war.

Weekly Activities/ Day 15/ Activity 2/ Week 3

Activity 2
After exploring the gallery you decide to walk across the street to the national museum. It is an amazing place! There is so much information about the history of the country in this museum. It’s hard to know where to start!
After walking for a little while you come across a display with pictures of children that were taken in 1901 (over 100 years ago)! In this picture, the children are working on a local farm, milking cows. They are not going to school. Back in those days, children usually went to school until they reached the age of 12 or 13. They then left school and went to work. Imagine that you were alive 100 years ago. How would you feel if you had to leave school at the age of 12? Would you be happy or sad? On your blog, tell us how you would feel.
I would feel sad because I wouldn't like to work at a very young age and sometimes you don’t get the job you want when it’s time for you to leave school.

Weekly Activities/ Day 15/ Activity 1/ Week 3

Activity 1
When you walk into the local gallery, the first piece of artwork that you see is a painting by Wassily Kandinsky called ‘Swinging.’

C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Swinging by Wassily.jpg
While you are looking at it, a staff member at the gallery comes up to you and asks you for your opinion of the painting. What do you think of it?
On your blog please tell us:
  1. What do you think of this painting? Do you like it?
The painting is fabulous! I love the colours and the shapes of the outstanding paint.
  1. If you could buy it and give it to someone, who would you choose?
I would give it to my friend Lenleigh because she likes having paintings stick to her walls. She also like to stare at the painting to see if there is any message that the painter has painted ( she investigates the painting)

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Weekly Activities/ Day 14/ Bonus Activity/ Week 3

Bonus Activity
Being the prime minister of a country is a big responsibility. Would you like to be the prime minister of New Zealand one day? On your blog tell us what you think. Would you like to be the prime minister?  Why or why not?

I always dreamt of setting the right decisions and making the world a better place for our people!
Yes it would be an honourable pleasure to become the prime minister of New  Zealand. Being the Prime Minister of New Zealand can be wonderful a job for me because I can always look on the bright side, try to do what is right and avoid the evil and bad things that is standing on my way. I would also like my people to let me know that if I'm doing something wrong or I need to fix this or maybe let me know that they don't want me to be the prime minister anymore? well that's fine if they don't like me being the Prime minister of New Zealand I'll hand my Job to someone reliable then, it's not that I want to believe what people say about me it's just that I want them to be happy I want New Zealand to be happy! Sometimes being the Prime minister can be a real struggle but who cares … if a prime minister needs a helper at her side she can get one.

Weekly Activities/ Day 14/ Activity 2/ Week 3

Activity 2
Some people say that the most powerful person in the world is the president of the United States. His name is Donald Trump and he became the president this past November when he beat out his competitor, a woman named Hillary Clinton. Google ‘Hillary Clinton’ to find out a little bit more about her. On your blog, post three interesting facts about Hillary.

Did you know that when  Hillary Clinton was young she was never interested in politics but she instead dreamed that someday she wishes to to be a Journalist, baseball player or perhaps an astronaut!

Did you also know that In 1997, Hillary Clinton won a Grammy for the Best Spoken word album for the audio about her book = It Takes a Village.

Lastly did you know at all that Hillary Clinton travels to over than 114 countries in just 2 years...did you? Well now that you know if you're most interested to know more about the life behind Hillary Clinton? Just click here: Life of Hillary or here = Interesting facts about Hillary!

Weekly Activities/ Day 14/ Activity 1/ Week 3

Activity 1
Here in New Zealand, the prime minister of the country is the Honourable John Key. Imagine that you are Mr. Key and you have the power to create laws (rules) that all people in New Zealand would have to follow. If I (Rachel) were the prime minister I would make a rule that everyone should eat lollies for breakfast. What three (3) rules would you make up if you were the prime minister? On your blog tell us what your three rules would be.

  1. I would make my first rule:  that every schools should have a breakfast club, so kids can have free breakfast every morning
  2. My second rule: is that every cigarette, beer, wine and poisonous stuff should be vanished out of New Zealand
  3. My third rule:  is  to make sure that the owner of houses should make sure that the people living in their houses should keep the house clean...

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Weekly Activities /Day 13/ Bonus Activity / Week 3

Bonus Activity
There are literally dozens of different types (‘genres’) of music in the world, including classical, rock ‘n roll, Rhythm & Blues (R&B), pop, hip hop, rap, jazz, etc. Some musicians play on their own and some play as part of a band. Arguably, the most influential band of all time is The Beatles. They were a rock band from Liverpool, England.
Dozens of movies have been made about the band. The most recent was a documentary called ‘The Beatles: 8 Days a Week – The Touring Years.’ Watch the trailer for this movie.
After you have finished, tell us two things that you learned about the Beatles from watching this trailer. They can be any two interesting facts!
First of all I’ve learnt that: The Beatles band keeps themselves safe from their fans because for their love of music. This Happen because  of all their fans. Their Fans couldn’t help screaming and shouting  when they see The Beatles for real Life, no offence but they really got out of hand! Especially the girls. It was absolutely shocking when a huge number of girls fights through the guards to meet the Beatles as they walked past them.. Yeah.. That part I think it was a disaster  it gave me the shivers when it came up on the video.
Secondly I have also learnt: that the Beatles looks out for each other and helps each other out.  I like their music and it’s amazing how they sing. Anyways my = 2 interesting facts about The Beatles  is that they have the same hairstyle which is cool because I always thought they were brothers but it turns it it was only the hairstyles that makes them look alike.