Wednesday, 17 August 2016

MY UNFAMILIAR PET- Narrative writing

If only  Pet’s could speak: Narrative writing
LEARNING: To use prompt to write a narrative story using good sentences.

“N-N-Nancy !” an unfamiliar voice cried. I straight away got out of bed and wondered if I heard a voice or was I just dreaming.

“Who is  it “ I asked scratching my head in frustration. The unfamiliar voice did not replied. Suddenly I heard scratching at the door.

It was still night and I could not quite see where I was going .I found the door handle and opened the door. In front of me was an unfamiliar figure, staring at me with wide eyes.

“ Aaaargh” the figure screamed. I gave an unexpected scream too and kicked the figure out of my sight. I backed away and smashed the door shut.

My heart was pounding as never before. “Please go away… Please go away” I repeated. After a few moments the Voice cried again.

“ N-N-Nancy” it cried. I couldn't help it I quickly peeked through the door and saw my pet Loopi staring at me as if she was scared of me.  

“ What….  My dog is talking?” I said in frustration. How could I be so stupid kicking my own pet in the middle of the night. I keeled down and patted her softly.

“ You really freaked me out Loopi “ I said smiling.

THE END.......

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