Monday, 12 March 2018

Taiwan Summary

Nathan and Oscar traveled to some of the Pacific islands such as Samoa, Cook Island, Vanuatu and Taiwan. They traveled these countries to unpack information that would lead them to where their ancestors might have come from.

They discovered that the Lapita pottery could be found underground in the countries of Tonga Fiji, Taiwan and Vanuatu. People who find and study the Lapita pottery are called archaeologists. Whilst learning about the Lapita pottery, they thought that the patterns on the pottery were similar to the Samoan patterns.

The Language and culture were very similar too!  The basic phrases and words are similar between the Cook islands, Taiwanese and the  Maori. What shocked me the most was the way the Taiwanese people were dancing, it was almost like a haka.

They were successful on their journey because they got to know more about their ancestors and where they migrated from.  Most importantly, they learned about the background of all the beautiful islands that they have visited.

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