Monday, 2 January 2017

Weekly Activities/ Day 11/ Bonus Activity/ Week 3

Bonus Activity
According to the Love New Zealand website, the most popular sports in New Zealand are rugby union, rugby league, netball, soccer and cricket. In your opinion, which of these sports is the best one? On your blog tell us which sport you think is the best. Be sure to tell us why. Give us as many reasons as you can!

Rugby union is the best!!!
Rugby Union is the best because : it’s fun to cheer for your team. (my team is Australia even.. though they lose sometimes I still go for Australia!!)  I choose Australia as my favourite team because there are some good Tognan players in their team that I know etc.  like Israel Folau  which is my favourite player out of the team. I know that  New Zealand  is one of the greatest team that plays really well at Rugby Union.  
Anyways I am so excited for the next Rugby World Cup in 2018 !!! I wonder which country is going to win the Rugby World Cup? Is it going to be New Zealand again?  Not sure just have to wait and see….


  1. Hey Von,

    I agree with you rugby union is the best sport. keep up the fantastic work.


  2. Hi Von
    I always watch the rugby world cup and I hope New Zealand win it again. The others teams are getting better though... Great job on this activity.

  3. Hi Von,

    Wow! You are brave to admit that you cheer for the Australian rugby union team while living in New Zealand. I love it! Although I am an All Blacks fan I definitely admire Israel Folau and the other Tongan players who are very talented. Perhaps during the next Rugby World Cup, you will want to cheer for Tonga? They are likely to have their own team in the tournament.

    The next rugby world cup is coming up in 2019. I believe that it will be held in Japan. Exciting!

    Go All Blacks/Australia/Tonga,

    Rachel :)


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