Monday, 9 January 2017

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Bonus Activity
In New Zealand our national holiday is on 6 February. It is called Waitangi Day. What do you do to celebrate Waitangi Day? Do you go somewhere special? On your blog tell us what you do on that day.

On Waitangi Day me and my family, we don’t celebrate it or go out somewhere special but instead we stay home and watch T.V. But I wish I could celebrate Waitangi day ... my family does not know or cares about Waitangi day.. but I do... Anyways In Waitangi Day I would most likely to visit a Marae to remember what happen back in those days, things that happened on the day when it was the treaty of Waitangi.


  1. Hi Von,

    My family typically celebrates Waitangi Day by spending time together and by going to an commemorative event. My son, Aronui, loves to visit his marae and acknowledge the importance of the day. His marae is in Ngaruawahia. It's called 'Turangawaewae.' Sometimes they hold very special events at Turangawaewae. Aronui loves to attend these events and celebrate his Maori ancestry. I love that you are interested in also acknowledging the importance of Maori and the Treaty of Waitangi. It is, arguably, the single most important document that has ever been signed in New Zealand. We, in Canada, have yet to sign a document like the treaty and we have huge issues and challenges raging between our provincial government and our first nations people. I hope that we are able to follow New Zealand's lead and prepare/sign a treaty one day as well!

    In the meantime, we can be very grateful that we live in a country that acknowledges the past and celebrates a peaceful and, somewhat, united future!

    I hope that you're able to attend a special event for Waitangi Day this year, Von :)


  2. Hey Von,

    Great answer and hopeful one day you can have a fantastic day celebrating waitangi day with all your family and friends.

  3. Hi Von
    My family also doesn't celebrate Waitangi day (I don't know why). Keep up the good work Von!


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