Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Story 2016: A Narrative Story = Piha camp ( DARE TO READ IT!)

Story 2016: Camp at Piha: A Narrtive story!

“Wow” I exclaimed hopping out of the bus, staring at the tall mountains as if I have never seen the most beautiful thing in the world.  

Everyone filed out of the bus to look for their belongings.  There were two cabins, the upstairs were for the girls and downstairs were for the boys.

Our first activity was to walk to the the beach.Our teacher mrs Tui said that when it’s time for our walk to the beach then she will ring the bell to let everyone know.

Everyone packed their things and hurried to see their cabins. I was jumping up and down with a smile on my face.

“ I can’t wait! “ I screeched. Suddenly I heard the bell ringing, I quickly rushed down the stairs where I meet Ana-Lei struggling to put on her shoes.

I thought I lost my mind the ground was shaking. I was afraid as I turn to look at Ana-Lei. “ An--na Lei... wh-h-hat’s …. Happening? “ I asked Anna-Lei .

It took about 35 seconds to think what was making the ground shake.
“Oh No...there is an earthquake” I Yelled as I began to tremble feeling the scaredness spreading through my body.

The earth shook as If I was in a dizziness world. I quickly grabbed Ann-Lei’s arm and run as fast as I could to the kitchen. I burst into the kitchen door and slide under a table.

I close my eyes and covered my ears wondering what was going to happen next. Then I began to cry as if I never had cried before. All of a sudden the ceiling fell down. I scream so loud that my ears nearly came off.

After 9 minutes later the earthquake vanished leaving some of the  broken property behind. I was shocked when I saw the 2 cabins in pieces.

Later Mrs Tui gathered everyone together to call out their names incase someone is missing. Luckily everyone was safe, no one was hurt or missing.

I was sad afterwards when I arrived home. It was really unfair for room 7 and myself because we didn't  get to have our camp at Piha all because of the earthquake’s fault.  

But later on I thought to myself ‘I am very lucky that I am not hurt’ but if I was hurt then life would have been a struggle for me.... again I am very lucky.


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