Friday, 23 December 2016

Weekly Activity/ Day 8/ Bonus Activity/ Week 2

Bonus Activity
Instead of taking a picture or writing to us, for this activity you are invited to make a short video blog (3-4 minutes). On the video blog please tell us about your favourite summer time activities. Upload the video to your blog. Make sure that you write a short description below the video so that people know what the video is about.
Bonus Activity = 15 points

( click the link to watch my Video)  = My video about what I would like to do in Summer:)

This Video is about what I usually do and what
I would like to do in Summer time! Hope you watched it :)


  1. WOW GREAT JOB VON! love your movie! The going to the mall or movies is a great idea to go for the summer time! Maybe we should do it sometime in the holiday!

  2. Hi Von,

    Thanks for posting this great video! I loved watching it and I really appreciated it that you had also included the written dialogue to the right of your video screen. That is a really cool idea!

    I, too, love to eat ice cream during the holidays. My favourite flavour is Cookies 'n Cream. What is your favourite flavour?

    My son, Aronui, is sitting here beside me and he wants me to tell you that his favourite is Hokey Pokey!

    I hope that you've had plenty of opportunities to sit back, relax, watch TV and eat ice cream this holiday!

    Until next time,

    Rachel :)

  3. Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for leaving a comment and by the way my favourite Ice Cream is = VANILLA!

  4. Hey Von
    Nice video. Many people enjoy watching TV and eating ice cream (I do it sometimes). Awesome job.


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