Friday, 6 January 2017

Weekly Activities/ Day 15/ Activity 1/ Week 3

Activity 1
When you walk into the local gallery, the first piece of artwork that you see is a painting by Wassily Kandinsky called ‘Swinging.’

C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Swinging by Wassily.jpg
While you are looking at it, a staff member at the gallery comes up to you and asks you for your opinion of the painting. What do you think of it?
On your blog please tell us:
  1. What do you think of this painting? Do you like it?
The painting is fabulous! I love the colours and the shapes of the outstanding paint.
  1. If you could buy it and give it to someone, who would you choose?
I would give it to my friend Lenleigh because she likes having paintings stick to her walls. She also like to stare at the painting to see if there is any message that the painter has painted ( she investigates the painting)


  1. Hello Von
    I also like the colors and the shapes. I think your friend would love that painting. Excellent job.

  2. Hi Von,

    I'm so pleased to read that you really like the painting. I quite like it, too. It's really bright and bold. I hope that your friend, LenLeigh, will like it. I wonder if she'll find any encoded messages hidden in it...

    Rachel :)


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